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    Company Profile
    Zhejiang Huatai Mechanical & Energy Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Huatai Mechanical & Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhen Town, Jinyun , Lishui Zhejiang,China. The company was founded in 1992 and started with sawing machine. The company has photovoltaic department and sawing machine department. The Ministry of Photovoltaic Energy mainly includes research , production and sales various types and sizes of poly&mono solar panels, providing on and off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems and solutions. The company has professional and mature production lines and with product development and manufacturing personnel to protect your product quality. ...
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    National Development and Reform Commission: 2016 PV three-category area electricity price cut 10 points, 7 points and 2 points
    The latest report of Century New Energy Network: On the 24th, the website of the National Development and Reform Commission released the message "Adjusting the tariff policy for onshore wind power photovoltaic power generation."     The original text: In order to implement the objectives of the State Council's "Energy Development Strategic Action Plan (2014-2020)", rationally guide new energy investment, promote the healthy and orderly development of new energy industries such as onshore wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and promote the balance of new energy in various places. Development and improvement of the efficiency of subsidies for renewable energy tariffs. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Improving the Electricity Pricing Policy for Onshore Wind Power Photovoltaic Power Generation" to appropriately reduce the price of new onshore wind power and photovoltaic power generation.   According to the reduction of project cost and the appropriate level of project capital return rate, the "Notice" clarifies that the benchmark electricity price for onshore wind power projects will be reduced by 2 cents for the first, second and third resource areas in 2016 and 2018, respectively. 3 cents, the four types of resource areas are reduced by 1 cent and 2 cents respectively.   Benchmark price for photovoltaic power generation:   In 2016, the first-class and second-class resource areas were reduced by 10 cents and 7 cents respectively, and the three types of resource zones were reduced by 2 cents.   At the same time, it is pointed out that distributed photovoltaic power generation projects using building roofs and ancillary sites are allowed to be changed to the “full online” mode when the conditions are met, and the power generation of “full online” projects is determined by the grid enterprises according to the local photovoltaic power plants. Internet benchmarking price acquisition.   The "Notice" pointed out that local governments should be encouraged to determine the relevant new energy project owners and on-grid tariffs through market-based methods such as bidding, but the on-grid tariffs formed through competition should not be higher than the national benchmark on-grid tariffs.   As the relevant state departments gradually improve the current situation of “abandoning the wind” and “abandoning the light”, the adjusted benchmark electricity price policy will still maintain strong support for the new energy industry.
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    National Energy Administration: The power grid does not fully purchase renewable energy power generation will impose administrative penalties and compensate owners for losses
    Recently, the reporter learned from the official website of the National Energy Administration that the National Energy Administration reviewed and approved the “List of Powers and Responsibilities of the National Energy Administration Organizations (Trial)”. The notice clearly stated that administrative penalties can be imposed for the failure to fully purchase renewable energy power generation! And the grid company compensates for its losses.   The original draft of the policy is as follows:   Project Name: Penalties for not fully acquiring renewable energy   Implementation basis:   1. Article 29 of the "Renewable Energy Law of the People's Republic of China" violates the provisions of Article 14 of this Law. If a power grid enterprise fails to fully purchase renewable energy and causes economic losses of a renewable energy power generation enterprise, it shall be liable for compensation. And the State Electricity Regulatory Authority shall order it to make corrections within a time limit; if it refuses to make corrections, it shall be imposed a fine of less than one time the economic loss of renewable energy power generation enterprises.   2. Measures for the Supervision of the Full Purchase of Renewable Energy by Power Grid Enterprises (Order No. 25 of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission) Article 20 Power grid enterprises and power dispatching agencies have one of the following acts, resulting in economic losses of renewable energy power generation enterprises. The power grid enterprise shall be liable for compensation, and the power regulatory agency shall order it to make corrections within a time limit; if it refuses to make corrections, the power regulatory agency may impose a fine of less than one time the economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprise:   (1) failing to construct or failing to construct a renewable energy power generation project access project in violation of the regulations;   (2) Refusing or hindering the signing of electricity sales contracts and grid-connected dispatching agreements with renewable energy power generation enterprises;   (3) failing to provide or failing to provide renewable energy power generation online services in a timely manner;   (4) not prioritizing the dispatch of renewable energy to generate electricity;   (5) Other circumstances in which the power supply of renewable energy cannot be fully acquired due to the reasons of the power grid enterprise or the power dispatching organization.   The power grid enterprise shall compensate the power regulatory agency within 15 days from the date of determining the economic loss of the renewable energy power generation enterprise.   Responsibility matters:   1. The stage of filing: comprehensive and objective. Fairly committing an illegal act that meets the conditions for filing a case.   2. Investigation stage: investigate and collect relevant evidence according to law; if necessary, conduct inspection according to law.   3. Decision stage: Before making an administrative punishment decision, inform the parties of the facts, reasons and basis for making the administrative punishment decision, and inform the parties of their rights according to law; fully listen to the opinions of the parties and conduct the facts, reasons and evidence submitted by the parties. Review; if the facts, reasons or evidence submitted by the parties are established, they shall be adopted. Before making a large-scale fine and other administrative punishment decisions, inform the parties that they have the right to request a hearing; if the parties request a hearing, organize a hearing. At the end of the investigation, the decision on administrative punishment shall be made according to law, no administrative punishment shall be imposed, and the judicial organs shall be transferred to the decision. Make an administrative penalty decision letter.   4. Delivery stage: If the party is present, the party will be delivered to the party after declaring the administrative penalty decision; if the party is not present, the party will be served in accordance with the law within 7 days after making the administrative punishment decision.   5. Implementation stage: If the party fails to perform the administrative punishment decision within the time limit, the party concerned shall be urged to perform the performance. If the party fails to perform the application within the time limit, it shall apply to the people's court for compulsory execution.   Accountability situation:   1. Article 28 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Renewable Energy Law: The competent energy department of the State Council and the departments of the local people's government at or above the county level that manage energy work and other relevant departments violate this law in the supervision and management of the development and utilization of renewable energy. It is stipulated that if one of the following acts is committed, the people's government at the same level or the relevant department of the higher-level people's government shall order it to make corrections, and the responsible person in charge and other directly responsible persons shall be given administrative sanctions according to law; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law: a) not making an administrative license decision according to law; (2) discovering that the illegal act is not investigated; (3) having other acts that fail to perform the duties of supervision and management according to law.   2. Measures for the Supervision of the Full Purchase of Renewable Energy by Power Grid Enterprises (Order No. 25 of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission) Article 19 If the staff of the power regulatory agency fails to perform their supervisory duties in accordance with these Measures, they shall be held accountable according to law.   3. "Administrative Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Civil Service Law of the People's Republic of China", "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of Civil Servants of the Administrative Organs" (Order No. 495 of the State Council) and the Interim Provisions on the Implementation of Accountability of Leading Cadres of the Party and Government (中中發[ 2009] No. 25) provisions on legal liability.
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    The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a document: Development of photovoltaic agriculture
    The "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Winning the Fight against Poverty" clearly pointed out that: accelerate the promotion of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, support the installation of photovoltaic power generation facilities to the grid, and develop photovoltaic agriculture.   The foundation of photovoltaic agriculture lies in agriculture, which is conducive to the improvement of agricultural production efficiency, is conducive to peasant life, is conducive to the development of rural ecological construction, and is conducive to the solution of the three rural issues; this is the core value and connotation of photovoltaic agriculture.   We must closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary, concentrate on it, correct the chaotic title of “agricultural complementarity, complementary fishing and fishing”, unify thinking, clarify the development direction of photovoltaic agriculture, and base on agriculture. Continue to innovate ideas and methods for poverty alleviation and development, and resolutely win the battle against poverty.   Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on winning the fight against poverty   Ensuring poverty alleviation of the rural poor by 2020 is the most difficult task for building a well-off society in an all-round way. The following decisions have been made to win the fight against poverty.   First, enhance the sense of mission and urgency to win the fight against poverty   Eliminating poverty, improving people's livelihood, and gradually achieving common prosperity are the essential requirements of socialism and an important mission of our party. Since the reform and opening up, we have implemented large-scale poverty alleviation and development, which has lifted 700 million rural poor people out of poverty, achieved great achievements that have attracted worldwide attention, and wrote a glorious chapter in the history of human anti-poverty. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have included poverty alleviation and development work into the "four comprehensive" strategic layout. As a key task to achieve the goal of the first hundred years of struggle, we have placed a more prominent position, vigorously implemented precision poverty alleviation, and continuously enriched and expanded China. The road to poverty alleviation and development will continue to create a new situation in poverty alleviation and development.   China's poverty alleviation and development has entered the sprint period of hard bones and hard work. The poverty-stricken population of some provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) in the central and western regions is still large, and the remaining poor people have a deeper poverty level, higher poverty reduction costs, and greater difficulty in poverty alleviation. To achieve the set goal of getting more than 70 million rural poor people out of poverty by 2020, time is very urgent and the task is quite heavy. We must constantly innovate ideas and methods for poverty alleviation and development on the basis of existing ones, and resolutely win this battle.   Poverty alleviation and development is a matter of building a well-off society in an all-round way, which is related to the well-being of the people. It is related to the consolidation of the party's ruling foundation. It is related to the long-term stability of the country and the international image of China. Winning the fight against poverty is a major measure to promote the sharing of reform and development achievements and common prosperity for all people. It is an important symbol of the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and an important way to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth under the new normal of economic development. . Party committees and governments at all levels must take poverty alleviation and development work as a major political task, earnestly enhance their sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, and effectively solve outstanding problems such as inadequate understanding of ideas, inadequate institutional mechanisms, and ineffective implementation of work measures. Mission, courage to take responsibility, just strive for the day and night, really work hard, accelerate the completion of this complete set of short-boards in a well-off society, never let a region, a nation fall behind, and realize the "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the development of national economy and social development" The recommendations of the Thirteen Five-Year Plan are defined as the goal of poverty alleviation.   Second, the overall requirements for winning the fight against poverty   (1) Guiding ideology   Fully implement the spirit of the Party's 18th and 18th Central Committees, the 3rd Middle School, the Fourth Middle School, and the Fifth Plenary Session. With the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents", and the scientific development concept, we will thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's series. Focusing on the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, we will firmly establish and effectively implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, give full play to political advantages and institutional advantages, and take the precise poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation as the basic strategy. Poverty alleviation and development and economic and social development mutually promote each other, adhere to the precise combination of precision assistance and concentrated development of special hardship areas, adhere to both poverty alleviation and development and ecological protection, adhere to the effective connection between poverty alleviation and development and social security, and insist that Qingshan does not relax and take extraordinary measures. Take out a hard way, give the whole party the power of the whole society, and resolutely win the fight against poverty.   (II) Overall goal   By 2020, the rural poor will be stabilized and eaten, and compulsory education, basic medical care and housing security will be guaranteed. The growth rate of per capita disposable income of farmers in poverty-stricken areas is higher than the national average, and the indicators of basic public services are close to the national average. Ensuring that the rural poor under China's current standards will be lifted out of poverty, and all the poverty-stricken counties will be removed to solve the regional overall poverty.   (3) Basic principles   -- Adhere to the party's leadership and consolidate the organizational foundation. Give full play to the party committees at all levels to take the overall role of the overall situation and coordinate the leadership of all parties, strictly implement the responsibility system for poverty alleviation and the top five secretaries of the provinces, cities and counties. We will effectively strengthen the construction of rural grassroots party organizations in poverty-stricken areas, and make them a strong fighting bastion that will lead the masses to get rid of poverty and become rich.   -- Adhere to the government's leadership and enhance social cooperation. Strengthen the government's responsibility, lead the market and the society to work together, encourage the rich to help the rich, and build a large poverty alleviation pattern that is supplemented by special poverty alleviation, industry poverty alleviation and social poverty alleviation.   -- Adhere to precise poverty alleviation and improve poverty alleviation. Poverty alleviation and development is more precise and more precise. It is necessary to solve the problem of who supports, who will help, how to help, and how to help the poor, really help the poor, really get rid of poverty, and effectively improve the sustainability of poverty alleviation and make the poor more A lot of sense of acquisition.   -- Adhere to the protection of the ecology and achieve green development. Firmly establishing green water and green hills is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, giving priority to ecological protection. Poverty alleviation and development cannot explore the new path of ecological poverty alleviation at the expense of ecology, so that the poor people can get more benefits from ecological construction and restoration.   -- Adhere to the mass of the masses and stimulate endogenous motivation. Continue to promote development-oriented poverty alleviation, handle the relationship between the state, social assistance and self-effort, carry forward the spirit of self-reliance, hard work, diligence and hard work, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of cadres and the masses in poverty-stricken areas, focus on poverty alleviation, and enhance the self-development of the poor. ability.   -- Adhere to local conditions and innovate institutional mechanisms. Highlight problem-oriented, innovative poverty alleviation and development path, from “big flood irrigation” to “precision drip irrigation”; innovative poverty alleviation resources use mode, from multi-distribution to coordinated and centralized transformation; innovative poverty alleviation development model, from “transfusion” to “hematopoietic” "Transformation; innovation and poverty alleviation evaluation system, focusing on the assessment of regional GDP to the main assessment of poverty alleviation.
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    Ministry of Land and Resources: Projects such as photovoltaics do not change land use.
    On the 10th, the Ministry of Land and Resources held a press conference to release a series of support policies for new industries such as tourism and new land use.   The reporter learned that in September this year, the Ministry of Land and Resources and the five ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, issued the "Opinions on Supporting the Development of New Industries and New Business Formats to Promote Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation." Recently, the Ministry of Land and Resources once again joined the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Tourism Administration to issue the "Opinions on Supporting the Policy of Tourism Development Land Use."   According to Dou Jingli, deputy director of the Land Use Management Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, in order to support the development of new industries and new formats, the Ministry of Land and Resources has recently issued a series of guidance on land use for new industries and new formats. “Especially for the small and medium-sized micro-enterprises that are in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, these support policies have given ‘special space’.”   Dou Jingli said that the development zones and industrial agglomeration zones for single production functions can be properly arranged for commodity retail, accommodation, catering, business finance, on the premise of meeting urban and rural planning, in accordance with the principles of unified support, supply according to law, and overall management. Urban housing, etc., to promote the transformation of relevant regions from a single production function to a comprehensive urban function.   It is worth mentioning that the policy mentions that wind power, photovoltaic power generation and other projects use unused land such as Gobi, desert, and grassland, and the land use that does not occupy the land and does not change the surface form can be identified according to the original land type. The land use is allowed to be obtained by way of rent, etc. without changing the land use. New energy vehicle charging facilities, mobile communication base stations, and other new industrial supporting infrastructures that require a small area of ??land and need to be distributed in multiple locations may be provided for land supply by means of construction.   In addition, the land use guidance for new industries and new formats also includes support for the implementation of the “Internet Plus” action plan. Under the premise of not changing the land use and planning conditions, for the development of Internet information resources, the first-level use of stock real estate, land resources to develop new formats, innovative business models, and the development of online and offline integration services, continue to use the original use and land rights Type of land use transition policy. Upon expiration of the transition period, it is possible to determine whether to go through the formalities of land use according to the detailed development plan of the enterprise and the detailed planning of control.
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    Enterprise style

    Care service quality assurance ---- determined to build the leading brand of photovoltaic industry

    Office environment
    Office environment
    Production workshop

    The company set up 15 years, has been focusing on product quality, only to ensure that the interests of customers

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